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Psychological & Brain Sciences

Resources for starting your research in Psychological & Brain Sciences, as well as resources for finding psychological tests, scales, and measures.

Types of Reviews

Literature Review - Narrative

The most common type of review that synthesizes the findings of numerous other sources of original research. This is an in-depth look into a topic taking particular note to compare and contrast the findings and conclusions.

Literature Review - Systematic

These reviews are often completed by a team of people and follow strict protocols so as to be reproducible. Often used in Health-related fields, these reviews are seeking to collect sources related to a specific research question.

  • Umbrella Review. This is a systematic review of a number of systematic reviews.
  • Meta-Analysis. These reviews use statistics to analyze data from numerous studies.
  • Scoping Review. A broad overview of a field most often used to identify gaps in research.

See the following articles for more detailed information:

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Literature Reviews : Handbooks

There are many psychology handbooks in the Library's collections that publish literature reviews. For a complete listing, do a keyword search in the Catalog for handbooks and psychology (see link below). You can narrow the results by adding additional keywords in the search box (e.g. affect, applied, etc.).