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Rauner Special Collections Library: World War I

This guide is intended to assist with orientation to and location of WWI materials available for research at Rauner Special Collections Library.

General Advice for Searching

Dartmouth College’s libraries have many materials that focus upon specific aspects of World War I, such as geography and culture groups, economics, religion, post-war peace-keeping efforts, and so on. Four topics of particular interest are described more fully below. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the breadth of our holdings, search both the Dartmouth Library Online Catalog and the Archives & Manuscripts Finding Aid Database. To learn more about specific topics or subjects related to WWI and how to find them, select the relevant tab in the lefthand column of this guide.

For catalog searches, begin by entering relevant keywords in the general search field. You can then refine your search results using the filters in the left-hand column until you have a manageable number of results to explore. For searches in the finding aids, enter “WWI” or “World War I” in the search field to find an initial group of related materials. However, it is important that you read through the finding aid to determine whether its contents actually contain materials relevant to your research. Some finding aids may reference WWI in the biography of the individual associated with the collection but not contain related materials.