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Writing 44.02 Science and Technology Writing & Presentation

Key Resources

Given the breadth of topics that could be selected for your research, a general Dartmouth Library search might be a good place to start. Even a Google search to help you gather background information on a topic could he helpful, but using databases to conduct your overall research will save you time. You may have to look at multiple databases for your search. Regardless of the database you choose, the green "Get It" icon will link you to full-text articles.

If your project lies in a specific area of knowledge I recommend looking at the research guides for that discipline as the subject librarian will have curated a selection of materials most helpful for researching that area.

If you need to access an article or book chapter that we do not have access to, please submit a DartDoc request.

Search Tips & Tricks

The following are some search tips to get you started. 

AND: Retrieve article that contains ALL terms, narrows search results


Best used when you have two or more different concepts

obesity AND video games

OR: Retrieve articles that contain ANY terms, broadens search results


Best used when you have two or more similar concepts

mountain lion OR puma OR panther

NOT: Eliminates articles that contain the SECOND terms, narrows search results


Best used when applied to the end of a search

cigarettes NOT marijuana
" ": tells the database you’re interested in a specific phrase, narrows search results "synthetic environments"
( ): order of operations matters; group concepts together when combining AND and ORs Twain AND (biography OR works)