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WRIT 5.18 - What is Fundemental?

This is a course guide for WRIT 5.18 with Erkki Mackey.

Introduction to What is Fundamental

Startling insights from modern physics and cosmology have altered our understanding of reality and raised profound questions about the universe and our experience in it. Central to this class is one in particular: does consciousness emerge from an underlying physical reality, or is it possible that what we perceive as physical reality emerges from some kind of fundamental consciousness? We will attempt to answer this and many other questions about the fundamental nature of reality, and we will use writing as a tool for contemplating and developing responses to our questions. Readings will include selections from The Nature of Consciousness by Rupert Spira and Quantum Enigma by Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner, along with a few supplementary essays. We will analyze both the arguments and rhetorical forms of our texts. You will complete numerous informal writing assignments and will write multiple drafts of at least two formal essays. You can expect extensive feedback from both peers and your instructor.

Finding resources in the library's collections

Introductory reading(s)

Selected book title(s)

Other library resource(s)

Finding scholarly articles and journals

You can find writings about consciousness in many publications. You can start your search for scholarly articles in a general index such as Academic Search Complete or Web of Science. Or you can use the search box at the top of the page.

Internet resource(s)

Citing and Tracking Your Bibliographic References

Use this guide to help you learn how to correctly cite and keep track of the references you find for your research.