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Chemistry: Software

A guide to the key resources for the academic study of chemistry.

General Information

The library manages the site license for ChemDraw.  This software is only available for users affiliated with the chemistry department (faculty, researchers, staff,  post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduate declared majors).  Eligible names have to be submitted to the software vendor, so it takes 1-2 days for someone to actually get access to download the software.  The names of newly declared majors and new graduate students are submitted to the vendor automatically, though a few individual names might be missed and have to be added later.    The site license for Mnova NMR is now managed by the chemistry department.  Please contact Jean Carlan with questions on Mnova.

If you need access to ChemDraw or have any questions, please contact Lora.

ChemDraw Professional

The software program ChemBioDraw Ultra has recently been upgraded to ChemDraw Professional version 16.0, and is licensed by the Chemistry Department and Kresge Library for use by individuals affiliated with the Dartmouth Chemistry Department.  

The software will also be available on workstations in Kresge Library.

Registered users can either download v16 (please uninstall previous versions), or can choose to renew their existing version ( v15 or v14).  Please contact Lora for renewal of older versions.

Individual users can download the software via this link:

You will be prompted to enter your email address – be sure to use your Dartmouth email address *just as it is listed in this email* or you will not be recognized as an authorized user by the system.  After entering your email address, you will receive an email containing the serial number (and/or registration number) you’ll need to register the software. 

You will need to log in to, or create, a User Account at the PerkinElmer/SciStore site.    You will then be able to select either the Windows or Mac version of the software to download.    

Each individual license is permitted to activate the software up to three (3) times (eg, on multiple machines (home and office) or if you replace a computer).  

*Please note, there are special instructions for lab and network installations.   If you want to install ChemDraw Professional on a lab workstation, please contact Lora.


Troubleshooting and Help

Need help installing or troubleshooting your software? 

Please contact Lora or Jane, or stop by Kresge Library for more information.

MestReNova NMR (MNova)

Special note for NMR users:

The Chemistry Departments has a license (50 users) for MNova NMR.  This license is installed on the department's server and is managed by Jean Carlan (  Please contact Jean for more information. 

Previously, the license for ChemDraw included a third-party NMR processing software, Mnova NMR Lite (MestReNova Lite) which was available to everyone affiliated with the Chemistry Department.  The lite version is no longer available.  However, the full version is available on the department's server (see above).