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Chemistry: Software

A guide to the key resources for the academic study of chemistry.

General Information

The library manages the site license for ChemDraw.  This software is only available for users affiliated with the chemistry department (faculty, researchers, staff,  post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduate declared majors or students registered in chemistry courses). 

The site license for Mnova NMR is now managed by the chemistry department.  Please contact Paul A. Defino with questions on Mnova.

If you need access to ChemDraw or have any questions, please contact Lilly E Linden (Lilly E Linden).

ChemDraw Professional

The software program ChemBioDraw Ultra has been upgraded to ChemDraw Professional version 20, and is licensed by the Chemistry Department for use by individuals affiliated with the Dartmouth Chemistry Department.  

Authorized users can either download v20 (please uninstall previous versions), or can choose to renew their existing version. Please contact Lilly ( for renewal of older versions.

***** Please note that the new versions of ChemDraw for MAC does NOT include Chem3D and ChemFinder.  However, they both are included on the PC platform. ******


With the release of v17, ChemDraw has moved to an online fulfillment and entitlement system. All site licenses for v17 and beyond will be administered through Flexnet Operations. You will be asked to register as a member in this new system.  This is in addition to your existing PerkinElmer’s user account on their website. The new system provides access to download the software and the needed activation codes.

New and previously authorized users, click here:

(Account ID: 2445SL)

Once you have registered and receive the confirmation email, you will be able to login and download v19 from within the Flexnet interface.    Once logged in, click through the “ChemDraw Professional”  link to get to the “Product Download” page to choose the MAC or PC file to download. 

To find your activation code, please click on the “Order History” tab on left navigation pane then click on applicable order # and scroll down to the activation code on right side. This code will activate both WIN & MAC platforms.  

Each individual license is permitted to activate the software up to three (3) times (eg, on multiple machines (home and office) or if you replace a computer).  

*Please note, there are special instructions for lab and network installations.   If you want to install ChemDraw Professional on a lab workstation, please contact Lilly.


Troubleshooting and Help

Need help installing or troubleshooting your software? 

Please contact Lilly

MestReNova NMR (MNova)

Special note for NMR users:

The Chemistry Departments has a license (50 users) for MNova NMR.  This license is installed on the department's server and is managed by Paul Defino (  Please contact Paul for more information. 

Previously, the license for ChemDraw included a third-party NMR processing software, Mnova NMR Lite (MestReNova Lite) which was available to everyone affiliated with the Chemistry Department.  The lite version is no longer available.  However, the full version is available on the department's server (see above).

CCDC CSD Software

Dartmouth Library has an annual subscription to the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) full version of the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD).

The CSD license must be activated annually.  For this year's codes and download instructions, please email Lilly Linden (

The web version of CSD is also available through the catalog.