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Chemistry: Reference Shelf

A guide to the key resources for the academic study of chemistry.

Organic Chemistry

Comprehensive Organic Chemistry, Sir Derek Barton, ed. (catalog record)
Kresge QD245 .C65 1979

Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry, 1st  and 2nd eds., Alan Katritzky, ed.
Kresge QD400 .C65 (together, the 1st & 2nd eds. review the field through 1995)

Comprehensive Natural Products Chemistry 1st ed., Sir Derek Barton, Koji Nakanishi, eds.  (catalog record)
Kresge QD415 .C63 1999

Dictionary of Organic Compounds 6th ed. (catalog record)
Kresge Ref. QD246 .D5 1996

Rodd's Chemistry of Carbon Compounds, 2nd ed. (catalog record)
Kresge  QD251 .R62

Advanced Organic Chemistry (Carey and Sundberg, eds.) 5th ed.
Kresge QD251.2 .C36 2007 (pts. A & B); 

Synthetic Methods & Procedures

Comprehensive Organic Transformations, Richard C. Larock
Kresge QD262 .L355 1999 (also another copy in the Reference section)

Fieser & Fieser's Reagents for Organic Synthesis (catalog record)
Kresge Ref. QD262 .F5 (1967-present)

Theilheimer's Synthetic Methods of Organic Chemistry (catalog record)
Kresge Ref. QD262 .S94 (1949-present)

Inorganic & Organometallic Chemistry

Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds (catalog record)
Kresge Ref. QD148 .D54 1992

Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds, 2nd ed. (catalog record)
Kresge Ref.: QD411 .D53 1995

Polymer Chemistry

Seymour/Carraher's Polymer Chemistry (7th ed.)

Kresge QD381 .S483 2008

Finding Physical & Chemical Properties

These sites match specific physical & chemical properties with the handbooks and databases where they can be found.

Chemical Safety

Check out these Lab Safety Videos from the Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI).  Topics include chemical hazards, chemical storage hazards, emergency response, glassware washing hazards, and assessing risks of toxic chemicals.

Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students
Kresge QD51 .H55 2010 (check availability)

The Sigma-Aldrich library of chemical safety data
Kresge Ref.
T55.3.H3 S54 1988  v.1-2