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Business : Valuation

Find financials, industry norms, multiples, comps, analyst reports, beta, cost of capital

Company Financials, Multiples, & Comps

The following databases will help you find financials for your selected company.

Analyst Reports

Beta & Cost of Capital


 Resource/Location Company Beta Industry Beta
Current Historical Current Historical
 {Ticker symbol} EQUITY <Go> BETA <Go> Adjusted and Raw
X X    
 Capital IQ
 Select "tearsheet" on left navigation bar
 CRSP (via WRDS) X X
 D&B Hoovers
 Profile a company, choose "Stock Report" under Financials
X   X  
Refinitiv Workspace
 Search for a company and look at "key fundamentals"
 Lookup a company, view "Summary"
 Lookup a company, view "Key Data"

Industry Norms, Multiples, & Comps

Compare your company financial statements with industry averages.

Industry Profiles

Web Resources