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Book Arts

A source for bookbinding and printing instructions, videos and links to resources regarding book production, history, culture and art.

Folded or glued books

3 books each made from one sheet of paper

4 books made from strips of paper folded accordion style

Glued Books

Sewn Books—1,2 or 3 Sections (thinner, simpler books)

3 hand sewn pamphlets of different colors

Sewn Books—More than 3 Sections (thicker, more complex books)

3 hand sewn books with soft covers and exposed sewing on the spine

Hand sewn book with limp leather cover and exposed spine sewing

Sewn Boards Binding Tutorial with DAS Bookbinding

Hand sewn book with hard covers and exposed sewing on the spine


Tutorial for making a hardcover, folder style portfolio with Kristi Warren

Tutorial for making a cloth hard cover, 4-flap portfolio with DAS Bookbinding.

Tutorial for making a cloth covered clamshell box with Jim Escalante

Indesign Templates

Below, you'll find templates for zines (self-published minibooks) that you can use with Adobe InDesign, a layout and page design software that is free for all Arts and Science undergraduate students and Guarini graduate students. (For instructions on how to get Adobe Creative Cloud through Dartmouth, please click here). Use these templates to create printable PDFs and self-publish your art or writing, create a project for a class, and more! Adobe also offers free tutorials on how to use InDesign (click here); you can also contact Book Arts via email to schedule a session if you have additional questions.

Special Book Arts Workshop Tutorials

External Instructions and Tutorials