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Electrical & Computer Engineering

Resources, tools, and librarian contact information for research and practice in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Full-Text Standards Subscriptions

Dartmouth subscribes to ASCE, ASTM, and IEEE. Note that in IEEE Draft Standards are not included in our subscription.

Standards Incorporated by Reference

Standards that have been incorporated by reference (IBR) by a jurisdiction are enforceable as part of the law. They can be accessed in a variety of ways, including the ANSI IBR Portal for those standards incorporated into the US Code of Federal Regulations, or SDO reading rooms. Most of these access options require users to register and many require specific software to access the files.

Standard Development Organizations (SDOs)

NOTE: We do not provide subscriptions for these organizations.

Standards development organizations (SDOs) maintain catalogs of their standards. Even without purchasing or subscribing, you should have the ability to search the standards and gain basic information: number, title, status, and revision date. Some organizations will allow you to see a small summary as well.

Standards Search Engines

Standards search engines aggregate standards from across many SDOs. We do not currently subscribe to any of these platforms but they may be of use in your search.

Government Standards

Governments produce standards for consumer protection, but more often to standardize operations. Governments also adopt voluntary concensus standards created by SDOs.

Data from Standards in Handbooks

Handbooks often contain standards or portions of standards related to the handbook's topic. However, it is difficult to search for standards contained in handbooks.