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Library Collections & Services Facility


1 November - 14 November

Installation of exterior wall panels. Here are some fun facts:

  • 68 panels create the exterior envelope.
  • Most measure 42 ft high X 12 ft wide X 10 in. deep.
  • ~1/3 panels weigh 63,000 lbs./each and the remainder 30,000 lbs./each.
  • Every panel will arrive from Pennsylvania on its own flat-bed trailer, quite the caravan!
22 August - 30 September Begin installation of concrete footings. These are 3 ft high and 6 ft deep. Compare this with a house footing which is typically 8 inches deep by 16 inches wide.
18 July - 19 August 2022

HELICAL Geotechnical Design/Build installs the helical piles serving as the LCSF foundation. There will be at least 423 piles installed!!

Interested in learning more? 

24 June 2022

Webcam added. A time-lapse video is uploaded weekly to show project progress.

6 June 2022

The construction manager, DEW, will be starting to mobilize on-site. What does this mean? You can expect to see - 

  • Construction fence being installed.
  • A new driveway to LaBombard Road to be installed. This will be the main entrance/exit to the project site.
  • A construction job trailer to be located on-site.