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Library Collections & Services Facility

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Library Collections & Services Facility?

  • A purpose-built, high-density shelving facility providing archival standard conditions and environmental controls for the library’s collections and the College’s records. The high-density model provides extremely efficient storage space by arranging materials by size on 30-foot-high shelving units. Materials are accessed using a staff-operated lift. A separate room for film will provide the recommended temperature and humidity levels, as well as HVAC to manage gaseous contaminant levels.

What does it allow us to do?

  • Selectively house the library’s lesser-used materials as part of a long-term preservation strategy while still providing researchers with timely access to the materials. 

  • Steward and provide access to Dartmouth’s physical records satisfying its administrative, fiscal, historic and legal requirements. 

When will it open?

  • The LCSF is anticipated to open in early 2024.

Where is it located?

  • 54 Etna Road, Lebanon, New Hampshire
  • Just off of NH120 on the corner of Etna Road and North Labombard Road.

What are the hours of operation?

  • Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

How do I know if the library material that I need is there?

  • Materials housed at the LCSF will be identified by the Library Collections & Services Facility location when using Library Search.

How do I request library materials from the LCSF?

How long will it take to get something delivered?

  • Expect 1-2 working days for your request to be delivered. Requests are processed Monday - Friday. 

  • The LCSF is closed evenings, weekends and all College breaks and holidays.

Can I request scans?

  • Copies of articles, book chapters, or select college records will be delivered electronically as a PDF file.

Can I visit the LCSF?

  • Yes, researchers may make an appointment to visit the LCSF. Please notify the LCSF staff at least 36 hours in advance. 

    • Phone: (603) 646-8634

    • Email:

  • An on-site reading room is available for researchers to consult multiple materials or to work with fragile materials.

  • Video-conferencing capabilities will allow for hybrid teaching or remote viewing of materials.

How much does it hold?

  • 1.24 million volumes

  • 35,000 records boxes

  • Film (separate shelving in a 293 sf room)