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STEM Library & Learning Resources - Undergraduates

STEM resource guide for Dartmouth undergraduates

Library Locations and Hours

Dartmouth has 6 libraries:

  1. Baker-Berry (Main) Library, a large library complex which covers most subjects, including the music collection, and houses the Evans Map Room, and Jones Media Center, and Orozco's Epic mural. 
  2. Dana Library, a collection specialized in biomedicine;
  3. Feldberg Library, a collection specialized in business, engineering, and economics;
  4. Matthews-Fuller, located on the campus of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital;
  5. Rauner Library, our special collection and archive;
  6. Sherman Library, a collection specialized in Art and Architecture.

The hours vary by location, so be sure to check. When the collection is not physically open, our digital services are available online 24/7.