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Learn to use the free reference manager Zotero to save time while writing and citing.

Managing Your CV

So far we have talked about using Zotero to mange your references when writing and citing, but did you know you can also use Zotero to manage a list of publications for your CV so they are all properly cited? It's rare to enjoy keeping up with your CV, and due to the plethora of responsibilities you may have as a professor, researcher, instructor, etc. it is easy to miss something, or use the wrong style causing a visual mismatch of the information. Using Zotero can make it easy for you!

My Publications

Using the "My Publications" collection within Zotero, found in the left hand column under your library, allows you to easily collect and share a list of your work with others via This functions as a sort of CV, where each type of publication is separated by type (book chapter, journal article, presentation, etc.).

For more information use Zotero Documentation: My Publications

Any items added to "My Publications" will be shown on your Zotero profile page. For this reason, the "My Publications" function should only be used to manage the publications of the account holder. If you help someone manage their CV, please see the section on APA 7 CV below.

Aside from appearing on your profile, you can also generate bibliographies from this collection by selecting the items you want in your bibliography, right clicking, and selecting "Create Bibliography from Item." Click here for more instructions on creating a bibliography.

Using APA 7 CV to Create a Bibliography

If you help someone manage their CV or keep your publications in a collection, there is a way for you to get a properly formatted list of citations, sorted by descending date. Do note that they only sort by first author's last name and date, so you may have to go in and organize a few citations manually. An example of this would be if the same author group publish an article in 3 parts with 2 parts published in the same year, it would list Part 1 above Part 2-this is a very specific and likely very rare occurrence, but something to be aware of.

Create a Collection

Create a collection in your library for the author you would like to generate a bibliography for. You can import items specifically to this folder using the connector. Learn more about adding items here.

If the CV contains a mix of publication types, you will simply need to sort by item type. To add this sorting option to your columns, you will need to right click on the column headers and select "Item Type." A check mark will appear next to all selected columns.



Add a new citation style

In order to cite in the APA 7 CV style, you will need to add that citation style to the style manager under preferences. The file path to your style manager is Preferences → Cite → Styles. Once you're in the styles menu, click on "Get additional styles." This should open a browser window with a search bar - search APA and select "American Psychological Association 7th edition (curriculum vitae, sorted by descending date)." As soon as you click, the window should close and return you to the Styles menu and the new APA 7 CV should be among the list under "style manager."




Generating a Bibliography

This functions largely as described in the section on creating a bibliography. The main difference occurs if you have multiple item types that you would like to break out into separate sections of the CV. Sort the collection by item type and then select the group of items and generate a bibliography following the instructions. Repeat with other item types as needed.