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Chem 63: Environmental Chemistry: Water & Air Quality

Water Analysis & Water Quality

EPA Water Quality Data
From the US EPA, data on water quality from surface and ground waters; some of the data is from occasional sampling and some is from regular monitors. Nitrogen and phosphorus are frequently included in the testing, so are often in the list of parameters for a site. 

Air Quality Data

EPA’s AirData

Provides annual summaries of air pollution data for the entire United States. Produces reports and maps of air pollution data based on criteria you specify. Data include:

  • Monitoring data (Carbon monoxide (CO), Nitrogen dioxide (NO 2), Ozone (O 3), Sulfur dioxide (SO 2), Particulate matter (PM 10 and PM 2.5), and Lead (Pb)
  • Emissions data (Carbon monoxide (CO), Sulfur dioxide (SO 2), Particulate matter (PM 10 and PM 2.5) and three precursors/promoters of criteria air pollutants: Volatile organic compounds (VOC), Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and Ammonia (NH 3)
  • Emissions data of Hazardous Air Pollutants

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USGS Water Resources

USGS Water Quality Information An extensive site from the US Geological Survey covering surface-water and ground-water quality in the US. Links to numerous publications and data sources such as the NWIS - National Water Information System.   Includes a tabbed section on water quality methods and techniques.

Water Resources of the United States is a division of the US Geological Survey.   Find a wealth of information by state or by topic (eg, ground water, surface water, water quality).