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Chem 63: Environmental Chemistry: Reference Shelf

Dictionaries and Handbooks

Chemical 'dictionaries' are actually fact-books, including identification information (chemical name, synonym, CAS Registry number) and other factual data.  Handbooks are useful compilations of facts on a particular subject.

  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics (94th edition)
    Comprehensive, widely used reference source for the properties of organic and inorganic compounds and other information of research and industrial interest.   Data tables are densely packed but each section provides a useful preface and references.  Section 8 deals with Analytical Chemistry techniques; Section 3 provides physical and chemical property data of common organic compounds.
  • Dictionary of Substances and their Effects (DOSE)
    3rd electronic edition (2005)
    Kresge Ref. RA1193 .D53 1999 (2nd ed., print; 7 vols.)
    The DOSE reference set contains data on 5300 chemicals which have been studied for environmental impact or toxicity. Each entry includes physical property information, a wide range of toxicity information, occurrence, bioaccumulation, environmental fate, legislative status, and references.
  • Handbook of Environmental Data on Organic Chemicals
    Karel Verschueren
    Wiley, c2009 (5th ed.)
    This four-volume work contains more extensive entries and includes more compounds than the Dictionary of Environmentally Important Chemicals described above. Entries include physical property information, CAS number and other identifying information such as structure diagrams, molecular formula, and synonyms; use, natural sources and occurrence, and man-made sources; air pollution factors; water and soil pollution factors; and biological effects. There is a glossary and helpful explanatory material in the preface.  Contains a bibliography, a Molecular Formula Index and a CAS number index.

Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry


Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry
Covers all aspects of analytical chemistry including theory, instrumentation, applications and techniques. Articles include a bibliography of relevant journal and book references.  Browse table of contents to view sections (e.g., Chemical Weapons Chemical Analysis; Food Analysis; Water Analysis / Environmental Monitoring).   Choose "Search in this book" to find relevant articles.


Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
(5th edition online)
In-depth articles on industrially important chemical substances, properties, manufacturing, and uses; on industrial processes, and on fundamentals and scientific subjects related to the field.  Good subject indexing, cross-references and bibliographies. Also indexed by CAS Registry number.
An online technical reference collection of handbooks and databases. Search across core subject areas including Chemistry, Environment and Environmental Engineering, and Food Science.