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Test, measures, and surveys

Searching for tests, measures, and surveys, and getting started designing surveys

Types of surveys

In general, surveys can be broken down into two categories: questionnaires and interviews. Questionnaires are typically paper and pencil or electronic surveys that the respondent completes on their own. Interviews, on the other hand, are surveys that are completed by the interviewer based upon what the respondent says.


Close up of a man's hand as he fills out a paper survey with a pen.


  • Inexpensive to administer
  • Can reuse instrument on wide number of people
  • Respondent can fill it out at their convenience 


  • Low response rates
  • Not best when asking for detailed written responses


Pros:  A man interviewing a woman at a table in the park.

  • Opportunity to ask follow-up questions
  • Easier way to get opinions or impressions
  • Respondent can fill it out at their convenience 


  • Time consuming
  • Resource intensive 
  • Interviewer must be trained in how to respond