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Business : Companies

Research companies to find: financials, news, analyst reports, SWOTs, industry overview, SEC filings, case studies

Industry Surveys & Overviews

Company Databases

Company financials, transactions, siginificant developments, SWOT analysis

Analyst Reports

Company Valuation

See our separate Business Valuation guide for resources on:

  • Industry Norms
  • Multiples
  • Beta and Cost of Capital
  • Comps
  • PPC's Guide to Business Valuations

HBS Case Studies

Tuck Students:

1. Find your cases:
Harvard Business School (HBS) Cases

2. Email title and case number to:
Requests filled Monday - Friday (Limit of 5 cases per year)

You can also find cases here

(Due to ECCH restrictions students must purchase cases directly, the library can't purchase them for you.)