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Business : Companies

Research companies to find: financials, news, analyst reports, SWOTs, industry overview, SEC filings, case studies

Company Databases

Company financials, transactions, siginificant developments, SWOT analysis

Analyst Reports

Company Valuation

See our separate Business Valuation guide for resources on:

  • Industry Norms
  • Multiples
  • Beta and Cost of Capital
  • Comps
  • PPC's Guide to Business Valuations

HBS Case Studies

1. Find your cases:

Harvard Business School (HBS) Cases

2. Submit your requests. Specify your are requesting an HBS Case and include title and case number. Requests filled Monday - Friday.

NOTE: Due to copyright agreements with the vendor, HBS Case Studies will be printed and made available for pickup. We are not allowed to distribute electronic versions of HBS Cases.

Additional Case Study Resources

  • Candid Issue Lab
    Search for case studies of nonprofits and societal issues.
  • European Case Clearinghouse (ECCH) 
    Due to ECCH restrictions students must purchase cases directly, the library can't purchase them for you.
  • MIT Sloan Case Studies 
    Free teaching case studies on the following topics: Accounting and Finance, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Ethics, Operations Management, Strategy, Sustainability, and System Dynamics
  • WARC Case Studies
    Marketing and advertising effectiveness case studies. 

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