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GEOG 39.01 - Environmental Justice

This is a course guide for GEOG 39.01.

Course description for Environmental Justice

Around the world, people suffer because of environmental degradation, from sickening industrial pollution to unnatural disasters to disruptive climate change. This course examines how environmental harms are unequally experienced, as well as how communities organize to protect themselves. We will discuss the concept of “environmental justice” as it has developed through social movements in the United States and elsewhere. We will also explore it as an analytical category that (a) explains how inequality manifests environmentally and (b) enables critical thinking about concepts like the “environment” and mainstream environmentalism and environmental policy. Drawing from Anthropology, Geography, History, Sociology, and other disciplines, we will focus on the lived experiences of environment justice and injustice around the world.

[Source: ORC/Catalog, 09/26/2023]; Dist: SOC


The beliefs and practices associated with concern for the environment, particularly for the negative impacts of human activity on nature. Environmentalism covers a very broad range of ideas and actions, although they share the proposition that the environment is something apart from society and under threat from it. A helpful distinction was made by Tim O’ Riordan in Environmentalism (1976). He noted two polar types of environmentalism: technocentrism and ecocentrism. ...

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Environmental justice

A political claim that all people and communities have a right to safe, clean, and healthy environments. The environmental justice movement is closely bound up with campaigns against ‘environmental racism’, which challenges the unjust distribution of environmental harms along lines of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity.

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