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Native American & Indigenous Studies: Books

A guide to the indexes, reference works, legal sources, and primary resources in Native American Studies.

Finding books

Relevant titles fall throughout our collection - along with online, but the E75 through E99 call number section houses a sizeable amount of print materials, located on Baker Stack Level A.

  • E75-E77 (General history)
  • E78 (By state, province, or region, A-Z)
    e.g., E78.A3 = Alaska; E78.N78 = Northwest Coast
  • E81-87 (Indian Wars and captivities)
  • E89-90 (Biography)
  • E91-93 (Government relations)
  • E96-97 (Education)
  • E98 (By special topic, A-Z)
    e.g., E98.A7 = Art; E98.E2 = Economic Conditions; E98.R3 = Religion
  • E99 (By tribe, A-Z)
    e.g., E99.C5 = Cherokee; E99.S28 = Seminole