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Native American Studies: Films/Images

A guide to the indexes, reference works, legal sources, and primary resources in Native American Studies.

Dartmouth's Streaming Video Services

Dartmouth's films in the library catalog

The most direct way to find films is a keyword search in our library catalog, restricting to the "Videos & DVDs" category.

Most films receive a subject heading indicating genre (e.g., “Documentary films”, “Comedy films") in addition to topic (e.g., "Off-reservation boarding schools", "Cultural property -- Repatriation".)  Dramas usually are noted with a subject subheading (e.g., "Little Bighorn, Battle of the, Mont., 1876 - Drama").

For example: to find documentary films on a particular topic, try a keyword search for << documentary and [your search term] >> limited to the Videos & DVDs category.

Filmmakers, actors & production companies are also cataloged, so consider searching specific names as well as either author or keyword (e.g., Irene Bedard, Adam Beach, Tantoo Cardinal, Chris Eyre, Alanis Obomsawin, National Film Board of Canada, Vision Maker Video.)


Films ordered but not yet received will display a status note such as "One copy ordered on [date]"

Items received but not yet fully cataloged will display a status note of "1 copy being processed for [location]".  These "in-process" titles can be pulled from the backlog.  Just ask at the Jones Media Center, or any circulation desk.


Search the library catalog:

Pre-scripted catalog searches

There is no single catalog search that can capture all relevant films in our collection.  Below are a few pre-scripted searches which gather a starting list.

Finding Films Beyond Dartmouth

Search WorldCat for items in libraries near you: >>

WorldCat - a collective catalog for a huge library network - is a great tool for identifying films & their distributors.  We're often able to borrow films through interlibrary loan.  Submit a request via DartDoc.