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Native American & Indigenous Studies: Films/Images

A guide to the indexes, reference works, legal sources, and primary resources in Native American Studies.

Film Resources

The most direct way to find films is a keyword search in our library catalog, restricting to the Video/Film format type.

Many - but not all - of our film catalog records receive a subject heading indicating genre. There are a few documentary-related headings: “Documentary films”, “Documentary television programs”, and “Documentary-style films”.

So -- to search the catalog for documentary films on a particular topic, try a keyword search for:

documentary and [your search term], limited to the Video/Film format type.

Hint: broaden your search term using the wildcard (asterisk *) in order to find spelling variants
Example: documentary and global* [finds "global", "globalization", etc.]


The resources below are a mix of film distributors and streaming video archives.  Dartmouth may own some of the film titles mentioned, but if not, they may be available to borrow via interlibrary loan.

Film Festivals

Note that newly released films often have a lengthy wait before they become available for sale to libraries & individuals.