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Native American Studies: Languages/Literatures

A guide to the indexes, reference works, legal sources, and primary resources in Native American Studies.

Native Languages

Most of our Native American linguistics titles fall in the call number range PM 50-3000, and are roughly alphabetical by language in the PM 550-2711 section.  Note that many related languages/dialects are shelved together as a language group (e.g., Dakota/Lakota).

Overviews of Native literature & authors

Dartmouth has no single, discrete collection of literature by Native authors. While there are a few specific call number sections to browse for collections or general literary criticism, a more thorough approach requires searching by specific author and/or subject heading.

Finding Literary Criticism

To search our library catalog for criticism of a specific author's work, run a subject search for the author. In particular, look for the subject subheading "Criticism and interpretation" or the name of specific works:

To search our catalog for broader criticism of Native authors, look for the subheading "History and criticism"

To find journal articles, you'll need to search article indexes such as: