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Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies: Articles

A guide to library resources for doing research in women's, gender, and sexuality studies. You'll find indexes to the popular and scholarly literature, as well as film, images, statistics, and research databases.

Scholarly Articles

General Interest Men's & Women's Magazines

Baker-Berry Library has a small sampling of general-interest magazines commonly known as "men's magazines" or "women's magazines". Traditionally these have not been included in academic library collections, but in recent years we've seen increased demand for these magazines as primary documents. Public libraries often own a larger selection of popular press titles, but note that there is usually little if any back issue archive.

Try searching Readers' Guide Abstracts to find articles in popular press magazines.  Readers' Guide indexes titles such as Gentleman's Quarterly, Seventeen, and O : the Oprah Magazine, along with Newsweek, Atlantic Monthly, Rolling Stone, and Sports Illustrated

Request articles not at Dartmouth via DartDoc.  When no specific article citation is known, try requesting an entire issue/month of a magazine. Be prepared to deal with microfilm or microfiche versions of the back issues.

For mainstream newspapers, see the library's Newspapers & News research guide

In the library catalog

At present, subject headings are a bit inconsistent.  The subject heading "Women's periodicals" is used for books about these periodicals, and often the periodicals themselves.  There is a similar heading "Men's magazines" assigned to books about them, but not the magazines themselves. [For feminist publications, search the subject "Feminism -- Periodicals" (or "Feminism -- [country/region] -- Periodicals).]

Consider using bibliographies or secondary sources such as:

See linked catalog records for specific locations, formats, and years owned.
Note: Some years are available only in microfilm/fiche. 
Note: Online access is often text-only (no graphics)