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Government 84 / AMES 91: Dilemmas of Development: India, China, and Egypt

Prof. Dirk Vandewalle


Welcome to the Library!

The "Library" is a combination of print and digital collections, and a suite of services, i.e. research assistance, Borrow Direct, etc.

The collections and the staff are here to facilitate your work in completing assignments and researching papers. This guide is one way to learn about relevant sources and services for this course. It's not comprehensive but it is a valuable introduction for identifying and acquiring materials on the political economy of India, China, and Egypt.

Reserach and writing go hand-in-hand. Your research uncovers the evidence that informs the argument/thesis of your paper. And the act of writing reveals whether or not further research is necessary.

Take advantage of everything the Library has to offer. If you are not finding the information you're looking for ask for assistance. The collection exists for your benefit; and the library staff is here to help you get the most from the library.

Getting Started

As you begin your research ask yourself:

* What language or vocabulary describes the topic?

* What KEYWORDS, related and synonymous terms come to mind?

* What sort of material do you want to read or view, i.e. books, articles, images?

* Where will you find "academic" quality material?

* How should you EVALUATE print and online sources?