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African & African American Studies: Books

Begin your research with the best resources recommended by the subject liaison for African & African American Studies. The guide features journal indexes, reference works, primary source collections, and film documentaries.

Library Catalog

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WorldCat is the union catalog of all libraries in the huge library network called "OCLC."  Most items are cataloged using the same Library of Congress subject headings used at Dartmouth.  Items not available in the Dartmouth collection can be requested via interlibrary loan: DartDoc & BorrowDirect

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Browsing by call number

Browsing by call number


African Studies

Relevant titles fall throughout our collection, but the DT call number section houses a sizeable amount of material on African history:

  • DT (Africa)
    • DT 1-40 (General)
      • DT 16.5 (African Diaspora - general)
    • DT 43-346 (Northern Africa)
    • DT 348-364 (Central)
    • DT 365-469 (Eastern)
    • DT 470-671 (Western)
    • DT 1001-3415 (Southern)

Our general stacks collection is large enough to make browsing a bit unwieldy. Browsing the reference collection may prove more useful.

Relevant bibliographies can be found in the Z3501 through Z3508 section


African American Studies

Relevant titles fall throughout our collection, but the E 184-185 call number section houses a sizeable amount of material on African American history:

  • E (American history)
    • E 184 (Ethnic and Religious communities in the U.S. - alphabetically by community)
      • E184.A1 (general coverage)
      • E184.A24 (African communities in the US)
      • E184.E38 (Egyptian communities in the US)
      • E184.K43 (Kenyan communities in the US)
    • E 184.4-185.98 (African Americans)
    • E 441-453 (Slavery in the United States. Antislavery movements)

Relevant bibliographies can be found in the Z1361.N39 section

Searching the library catalog by subject

When searching the library catalog, pay attention to subject headings assigned to relevant titles. Refining your search using the same subject heading terminology may yield more precise results.


African Studies - relevant subject headings

Although there is a large number of items cataloged with subject headings such as "Africa" or "Africans", these headings are far too broad to capture all relevant material. In additional to general headings, also try searching by country, by topic or classes of persons qualified by country or region, or by specific community.


African-American Studies - relevant subject headings

  • African Americans
    The Library of Congress assigns this heading to works on citizens of the United States of Black African descent. Works on those who temporarily reside in the United States, such as aliens, students from abroad, etc., are entered under "Blacks--United States".  Works on those outside the United States are entered under "Blacks--[place]."
    Note: Works on people in countries whose racial composition is predominantly Black are assigned headings appropriate for the country as a whole without the use of the heading "Blacks". The heading "Blacks" is assigned to works on such countries only if the work discusses Blacks apart from other groups in the country.
  • "African American" also qualifies many specific headings, either as a main heading (e.g., African American children ) or a sub-heading (e.g., American literature -- African American authors.)