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Engineering Standards

Resources for starting your research for engineering standards.

How to Find Standards at Dartmouth

All of standards available through Dartmouth Library are digital. If you need assistance locating a standard, please contact us.

Searching the Dartmouth Library Catalog

If you already know the exact standard you are looking for, search for the standard in the library catalog. Dartmouth has access to standards through IEEE, ASCE, ASTM, and Techstreet (selected standards from ASHRAE, BS/ISO, CGA, ICC, IEC, ISO, LIA). Some standards are indexed in the library catalog, others, like Techstreet, are only available through the platform. If you need assistance when searching, please contact an engineering librarian. If the standard is not available directly from Dartmouth, please place an interlibrary loan request.

Searching on ASCE, ASTM, IEEE

If you know that you are looking for standards from ASTM, IEEE or ASCE, you can access them directly through the databases themselves. Search functions vary, but it is recommended that you limit to "My subscription," or the equivalent, when searching.

Searching on Techstreet

To begin using standards on Techstreet, you need to first create an account with your Dartmouth email. Please complete all fields in the form including entering the following in the "Corporate Key" field, all lowercase: thayer

Standards are DRM protected. To access standards from Techstreet you will need to download Adobe Reader as well as FileOpen. You can download these from the left column of the Techstreet home page: 

If you open a downloaded standard and it is blank, check that you are using Adobe reader and have FileOpen downloaded. If the issue persists, please contact your librarian.

Searching for Standards from Other Standards Development Organizations

If you are looking for standards other than those available from IEEE, ASCE, or ASTM, it is worth navigating directly to the website of the specific standards development organization. See the "Standards Search Engines" tab in the guide for links to standards development organizations and for standards that are classified as "incorporated by reference." You can also use the NIST "Learn How to Find Standards" link below for more information.

Request a Standard

If you need a standard that is unavailable through our current collection, the library may be able to acquire it for you with our new Techstreet subscription, with a rapid turnaround. Please contact an engineering librarian for assistance.

Our Engineering Standards Collection Policy

(updated 2023 July 12)

The purchase of individual standards is at the discretion of an engineering librarian. The decision will be based on an evaluation of the following:

  • Is the standard required to complete a research project?
  • If the standard is for a class, does the professor agree that this standard is necessary to the project?
  • What is the cost of the standard?
  • By when is the standard needed?
  • What is the potential for reuse of the standard in the future?
  • What formats are available and what are the licensing restrictions for its use? Who is it available from?
  • What is the relevance of the standard to the overall engineering standards collection? Does it come from a SDO that our patrons frequently request?