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Library Reserves

Instructions for Faculty

Methods for Adding Items

There are multiple ways to add items to your Library Reserves list

Need a chapter or section scanned from a physical item?

Add Dartmouth Library Materials via Library Catalog and Library Search

Add items to your Library Reserves list by directly searching the Dartmouth Library Search or Catalog.

This is the recommended method when advanced searching is required: Our primary Dartmouth Library Search tool (which includes the library catalog) provides more search precision and filtering of results than the library reserves system's internal search tool (see below).

For ease of use: Have BOTH your reserves list and Dartmouth Library Search open on separate browser tabs or windows so it is easy to move between the two pages.

  • Go to the Dartmouth Library Search page and Login in the upper right hand corner.
  • Search for materials you would like to add to the list. From your search results, click on the item to display the full record.
  • Choose the Library Reserves icon under Send to.

  • In the resulting display, toggle to Library Reserve to add directly to your reading list.
    • [The Library Reserves system's "My Collection" feature allows you to save items to a personal citation list for future use.]
  • Choose your course list and appropriate section from the dropdown.
  • Complete the request by clicking ADD TO LIBRARY RESERVES.


The material is now on the list for that course under that section. See the populated list in the Library Reserves/Guides page.
Tip: Not seeing the just added item? Refresh the browser for the Library Reserves/Guides page.


Add Dartmouth Library Materials via the Reserves system's "Library Search"

Recommended for exact searches of known items : The Library Reserves system's Library Search tool is less robust than the main library search found at  Recommended for use when you know exactly what you are looking for and you already know the library owns it.

  • Within your Library Reserves list, click the Add Items + button and then select Library Search in the right-hand pane.
    • Not seeing the Add Items + button? Look for just a + plus symbol blue button. When not using full-screen, the button text may be hidden. To see button text, go to full screen.

  • Once you locate a desired item, click on the desired item and use the blue Add button. Add it to the appropriate section. Or click-and-drag the item from the search area on the right into the central area to add it directly to the list.

Add Media Preferences

Adding a video media item?
If there are multiple tracks, please alert library staff of the audio language and subtitle language needed in the streaming version. Click on the citation's title and then use Library Reserve's Notes to reserves staff (right-hand pane) to indicate the audio language and the subtitle language.

  • Audio language default
    • Single audio language track
    • For multiple audio tracks, English, if available
  • Subtitle language default
    • No subtitles

Tip: Click on the citation title to see the full record view and to access the item-specific Notes to reserves staff.

Audio and subtitle language options are displayed in the physical item's library catalog record.





Add Materials Using the Cite It! Bookmarklet

The Cite It! bookmarklet allows you to import citation information while browsing web sites. (The tool won't work with browser extensions that block third party cookies or pop-ups.)

This is a method for adding items not owned by the library, web sites, etc., that automatically gathers information needed by library staff to process your request.

  • To install Cite It!, click on your account initials on the right-hand side of the Library Reserves system's top banner.

  • Click Cite it! to open a window explaining the tool. Add the bookmarklet to your browser as explained. The list of supported websites is available from the drop down menu.

  • For a video with a more in-depth explanation of the Cite it! tool click HERE.
  • Troubleshooting tips here.

Add Materials Using Blank Form

Use the Blank Form when materials cannot be found in the library system or online. A liaison librarian may be consulted at any time for assistance with searching and finding course materials.
Click on Add Items + and then choose Blank Form; fill in as much information as you can about the material.

Please use the Notes to reserves staff pane to ask library staff to acquire the material for the course and specify the format, hard copy or e-book, if relevant.
Media items the library does not own should be immediately directed to your liaison librarian for a purchasing decision.

Also note here if you have a personal copy to loan to the library for the term.

Requesting an item be scanned

Want library staff to scan pages from a text?

Inform library staff of your Copyright determination for every scanning request.

  • If no copyright determination is provided by faculty, staff will not add the requested reading to the course as it violates copyright law.


  1. Add the item to the list as described above.
  2. To detail the specific readings needed, you need to be in Library Reserves/Guides interface. 
  3. Find the citation in the list and click the 3 dots at the right; select Edit Item.
  4. In the right pane, select Type: Book Chapter.   
  5. Fill in required fields: Chapter Title, Start page and End page
    • Fill in the required fields with the best information available; there needs to be content helpful to library staff in the required fields for the form to be saved. If there is no chapter title, type in the chapter number instead.
  6. Save.
  7. Copyright: Library staff cannot proceed unless this information is provided.
  8. Click on the item's title to open the record.
  9. Tell library staff of your copyright determination in Notes to reserves staff.
  10. Are all the scan requests Fair Use? Use the top level Notes to reserves staff to input copyright information. 
    • All scan requests are Fair Use.