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Library Reserves

Instructions for Faculty

Editing items on your list

Once added to your list, an item can be edited (or deleted) by selecting the three dots (ellipsis) icon just to the right of the citation in the title list or the item's full view.

Click on the citation title to see the full record view and any item-specific Notes to reserves staff.

Adding Notes to Items

Student notes may be added to an individual reading list items. Student notes are viewable by all: faculty, library staff and students.
Student notes are a great way to communicate messages to students regarding the resource. They appear in the citation area of the resource so are easily visible for students.

  • Select the ellipsis icon to the right of the item title to which you would like to add a note.

  • An edit pane opens on the right of the screen.

  • Your note appears in the main display of the reading list and is visible to students.

  • To edit the Student note, click on the item's title to open the record. Scroll down and find Edit public note at the right in the Student note field.

Private Notes/Notes to reserves staff

Private Notes are viewable only by faculty and any other editors of the page. Private notes can be used for thoughts about a reading or as a reminder to yourself or to another reading list editor. Click on the title to open the record. Private note is at the bottom of the page.

Use Notes to reserves staff for conversations with library staff. There is a Notes to reserves staff pane for the list as a whole; each item also has its own Notes to reserves staff pane when the item record is open.