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Education: Books

A guide to resources for doing library research in the field of education, highlighting the specialized indexes and reference works to educational research.


WorldCat is the union catalog of all libraries in the huge library network called "OCLC."  Most items are cataloged using the same Library of Congress subject headings used at Dartmouth.  Items not available in the Dartmouth collection can be requested via interlibrary loan: DartDoc & BorrowDirect

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Browsing by call number

Relevant titles fall throughout our collection, but the L call number section houses a sizeable amount of material:

  • L - General
  • LA - History of Education
  • LB - Theory and practice of education
    LB1025-1050.75 (Principles of teaching) ; LB1050.9-1091 (Educational psychology) ; LB1101-1602 (Early childhood through elementary ed.) ; LB1603-1696 (Secondary ed.) ; LB1705-2286 (Teacher Ed.) ; LB2300-2430 (Higher education) ; LB2801-3095 (School administration and organization)
  • LC - Special aspects of education
    LC8-59 (Forms of educ.) ; LC65-245 (Social aspects of educ.) ; LC251-951 (Moral and religious educ.) ; LC980-1099 (Types of educ.) ; LC1390-5160 (Education of special classes of persons)

  • LD-LG - Individual institutions
    LD (US) ; LE (Americas other than US) ; LF (Europe) ; LG (Africa, Asia, Australia + Pacific Islands)

  • LH - College & school publications
  • LJ - Student fraternities & organizations (US)
  • LT - Textbooks


Related areas include: BF 309-499 (Psychology - cognition & learning); BF 712-724 (Developmental psychology); HQ 768-799 (Child development & adolescence); KF 4100-4260 (Education law - US)

Our general stacks collection is large enough to make browsing a bit unwieldy.  Browsing the reference collection may prove more useful.

Searching the library catalog by subject

When searching the library catalog, pay attention to subject headings assigned to relevant titles. Refining your search using the same subject heading terminology may yield more precise results.

Note that many items have a subject heading (e.g., Education) further qualified by one or more subheadings:


Common education-related subheadings


Note: Each of the above subheadings can be further qualified with:


Headings specific to grade-level

Although the Library of Congress headings for specific grades do exist, Dartmouth has very few items using those headings.  Headings follow the traditional US educational system, e.g. "Kindergarten", "Eighth Grade (Education)", or "College Freshmen"

Additional specific headings

There are an enormous number of related headings.  If your preferred terminology doesn't match a heading, quite often there will be cross-references to other terms, or your search results will fall in a related area: