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Education: Campus Wireless & Off-Campus

A guide to resources for doing library research in the field of education, highlighting the specialized indexes and reference works to educational research.

Connecting from the Dartmouth network

Most of the Library's online subscription resources are licensed for campus use only and require a Dartmouth network/IP address ( or -- rather than a password -- in order to gain access. Connecting from an on-campus workstation using ethernet should be transparent, but not all campus wireless networks will work.  For wireless access we recommend that Dartmouth students use the EduRoam network.

To access campus-only resources from beyond campus, use Dartmouth's EZProxy or VPN connection (see below) to temporarily route your internet traffic through a Dartmouth server and gain a Dartmouth IP address.

Campus Wireless Access

To access the Library's online resources via the campus wireless system, you'll need to use the correct network.

  • EduRoam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions
  • Dartmouth Library Public is available for visitors to the libraries (signal can only be received within the library facilities).  The network has a Dartmouth IP address, and so allows access to the Library's licensed online resources.

Note: Dartmouth Public provides internet connectivity, but without a Dartmouth IP address. This network does not allow access to the Library's licensed resources.

Consult Computing's web site for additional information about the campus wireless networks.

Off-Campus Access

To access resources from off-campus, you'll need to open a connection to the campus network.

Dartmouth offers two options: