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Environmental Studies

Start conducting research in environmental studies with the best indexes, databases, and reference works recommend by the subject librarian.

Journal Article Search Engines

Use these sources to find scholarly journal articles, magazines,  book chapters and videos. Each index has a different subject focus.  For example, use Arctic & Antarctic Regions if you want to limit your search to the polar regions, or EconLit when you need an economic analysis of an issue. Use GREENR if you want case studies, videos and primary sources.

  1. Academic Search Complete -  for a wide range of sources, including trade journals and magazines
  2. Agricultural & Environmental Science Database - for waste management, resources management and pollution related topics; graphs, charts and images are discoverable and display separately for use in papers.
  3. Arctic & Antarctic Regions -  for materials relating to the polar regions on topics from life in the cold to engineering for travel to anthropology and linguistics, from 1800-present 
  4. CQ Researcher - provides award winning in-depth coverage of the most important issues of the day written by experienced journalists, footnoted and professionally fact-checked
  5. Ecology Abstracts - for in-depth scientific research articles worldwide
  6. Econlit - is important for environmental economics and economic aspects of any topic
  7. Environment Abstracts - includes journal articles but also covers conference papers and proceedings, special reports from international agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities, associations and private corporations
  8. Environmental Engineering Abstracts
  9. -
  10. General Science Abstracts -  covers a small number of core journals, including popular science journals
  11. GeoRef - for geological and earth sciences research, and papers about regional geology
  12. Geobase - for human and physical geography, demographics and population topics
  13. GREENR: Global reference on the environment, energy, and natural resources - Includes vidoes and case studies as well as journal and newspapers articles
  14. GreenWire - News source for policy and business information in the energy and environment sector; GreenWire is one of 5 cross searchable sources for which we have subscriptions: ClimateWire, E&E Daily, EnergyWire, and E&ENews PM. 
  15. JSTOR -  full text of some key journals but only up until the last five years, as this is strictly a backfile, NOT current journals
  16. Pollution Abstracts
  17. ScienceDirect - for full text of current scientific journals
  18. Social Sciences databases from ProQuest - includes sociology, psychology, ethnic and gender studies resources
  19. Sustainability Science Abstracts - specializes in sustainability issues, from both social and scientific views
  20. Toxicology Abstracts
  21. Water Resources Abstracts - key source for water resources and water quality studies worldwide
  22. Web of Science - Find articles in all subject areas in over 70000 core journals.  Cited reference searching and many other search features make this an important source for research

For more articles indexes, see the Database Finder for Environmental Studies

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