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Environmental Studies

A guide to the key resources for environmental studies.

Searching the catalog by subject

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Environmental Studies is a very interdisciplinary field, so items that relate to these studies are usually within a sub-discipline of another subject. For example, Environmental Science is categorized under the broader subject of Geography.

Below is an incomplete and abbreviated list of the call number ranges in the Library of Congress Classification Schema that relate to various sub-disciplines within environmental studies. All of these collections can be found on Berry level 4.

GE 1-350 - Environmental sciences
GE 70-90 - Environmental education
GE 170-190 - Environmental policy
GE 195-199 - Environmentalism. Green movement
GE 300-350 - Environmental management
GF 51 - Environmental influences on humans
GF 75 - Human influences on the environment
K 3581-(3598) - Environmental law
RA 565-600 - Environmental health (Including sewage disposal, air pollution, nuisances, water supply)
RA 601-602 - Food and food supply in relation to public health
S - Agriculture
SB - Plant Culture
SD - Forestry
SF - Animal Culture
SH - Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling.
SK - Hunting Sports
TA 170-171 - Environmental engineering
TD 1-1066 - Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering
TD 169-171.8 - Environmental protection
TD 172-193.5 - Environmental pollution
TD 194-195 - Environmental effects of industries and plants
TD 201-500 - Water supply for domestic and industrial purposes
TD 878-894 - Special types of environment (Including soil pollution, air pollution, noise pollution)


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