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Environmental Studies

A guide to the key resources for environmental studies.

Citation Management Software: Zotero

Zotero is a great free reference manager that collects all your references in a single, searchable application (your library).  Easily add PDFs, images, websites, and really anything else. It can attach pdf files to the parent record for an item, and saves all the links and information you need. Create a free account at the Zotero site (optional) to sync your references there, and never lose them again!

  • Keep track of references, links, and pdfs as you research a topic
  • Insert references and bibliographies into your research papers in seconds
  • Read and annotate pdfs in the app
  • Zotero is free, but charges for storage exceeding 300MB. However, you can choose to back up just your citations to the cloud, which means you will never hit the storage limit.
View the Library's Zotero guide! 

Resources for Writing

Writing Guides: Books of Interest