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Business Career Guide: Job Hunting Resources

Resources to start your career search and prepare for interviews

Find Companies

Screen by location, industry, size, and more; e.g. companies in the energy sector located in Colorado that have a Tuck alum:

Interview Prep - Company Research

The following will give you a good overview of your company:

Interview Prep - Industry Research

The following resources provide overviews of industries.  You may have to search a few to find one that covers your specific industry:

Broad US/Global industry coverage:

Technology industries, try one of these:

Consumer product/service industries, try these:

Broad industry coverage in emerging market countries:

Interview Prep - Current News

Keep up to date on your company by creating alerts; check for up to the minute news before you head into that interview.

Best for newspapers and press releases:

Best for trade and academic journals:

Case Interviews

Job Boards