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MEng Computer Engineering (Online)

A degree guide for our remote MEng Coursera Students
Need help accessing, finding, or retrieving resources? Email your librarians or make an appointment using the links in the "Engineering Librarians" box. We're available Monday-Friday, 9am - 4pm Eastern Time. If it is after our business hours we will return your email at the first opportunity on the next business day.

Access the Library via Dartmouth VPN

Most (but not all) Dartmouth's library resources can be accessed using the Dartmouth Global Protect VPN. If you are experiencing connection challenges, confirm you are on the VPN. If you cannot connect to the VPN, reach out to Thayer Computing. If you continue to have connection challenges and are on VPN, please email your librarian.

Responsible Resource Use
Resources available to you through the Dartmouth Libraries should only be used in the course of study or professional development. Please do not use these resources while performing consulting work or other work for companies that are not project sponsors during your course. Due to our licensing terms, using our resources for purposes other than study can risk the access of all Dartmouth community members to the resource.

When using resources for class related projects or consulting work, please paraphrase and properly cite the sources or reports. No full-text resources should be given to project sponsors as part of a project report or other information exchange.

If you have questions, please ask one of your librarians.

Library News Subscriptions

Google Scholar Library Link

Add "Dartmouth College" to Google Scholar

Did you know that you can connect Google Scholar to Dartmouth Library?

  1. Select the hamburger menu next to the Google Scholar header
  2. Navigate to "Settings"
  3. Select "Library links"
  4. Search "Dartmouth Library" in the search bar, select "Dartmouth Library" and ensure the box is checked.
  5. Save changes.
  6. Use Google Scholar as normal. You should now see "Get it @ Dartmouth" links to the right of Google Scholar results.