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Theater and Drama: Citing Sources

A guide to resources for finding plays, performance reviews, and criticism in theater and drama.

Sources & Citations

Why is citation important?

Citation is incredibly important in order to give credit to the scholars whose work you have learned from and referenced. Following a prescribed citation style helps other researchers to find these works as well.

Librarian Support

How can librarians help me with citation styles?

  • Librarians can help you find the best resources to help you learn a particular citation style.
  • Librarians can help you find resources for citing atypical materials.
  • Librarians can help you use Zotero as a citation management tool.

Librarians do not review research papers, references, or bibliographies to ensure you've cited correctly.

Finding Citations in Library Searches

Did you know that you can find the citation of articles in the most common styles, right from within a library search?

  • Search for materials through the library's homepage or a specific database.
  • Click on a title for detail and look for a button that says "Citation"
  • Choose the citation style you are using and copy the citation.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: These are machine-generated so check them for errors!

Citation a (very) brief introduction