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Teaching Resources for Engineering

A collection of library resources and information related to engineering teaching.

Library FAQ

How can I get a librarian to come to my class?

Email us! We're very open to scheduling time to come to your class, or if we are unable to join your class we can work together on another resource.

How much notice do you need before you can come to my class?

Preferably as much as possible. When you're reviewing the syllabus for the semester, planning when a visit from the librarian makes sense gives us both plenty of time to plan. Reach out as you plan for the term and we will make it happen! If you didn't think about reaching out until term started, sooner is better!

I forgot to ask you to come...can you come tomorrow? Maybe next week?

We will always do our best to accommodate last minute requests, but our schedules are often full. We may have session recordings or other materials of use to your students, so still reach out even if it is last minute!

I can't get access to this article/book/journal! Why?

We may not have the title or our access might be temporarily unavailable. In these cases, please reach out. We may not know it's broken until someone mentions it, and we don't know there in interest in acquiring access to a title until it's asked for.

I need access to an article or a book, but I can't find it here.

Submit a request through interlibrary loan (ILL). If you need a chapter or an article scanned from a book or journal, submit an interlibrary loan request. If we don't have the material you are looking for, submit an interlibrary loan request and we will attempt to acquire it from another library. If you are requesting a book, be sure to make Feldberg Library your pick-up location. We will do out best to deliver to your Thayer mailbox when it arrives. If you are requesting an article or book chapter, it will likely arrive as a PDF. You will be notified by email and can access it through your interlibrary loan account.

I need this resource for my class/research. Can you get it for me?

We welcome requests for journals, books, databases, and more. We cannot guarantee that we have the budget to purchase the materials immediately, but we will always try. Additionally, if you have a lab budget or research funding that would cover a subscription to a database or a journal, the library is happy to administer the contracts and organize the access to make sure that you have ease of access to the materials.

How do I contact the librarians for Engineering?

Currently, there are two librarians that work with the engineering department, but any of the staff in Feldberg Library are happy to help. To contact the librarians directly, you can email us, make an appointment with us, or drop by our offices in Murdough. If our doors are open, we welcome visitors!


Feldberg Library

Feldberg Library is located in the Murdough building, directly behind the Irving Institute.