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Geographic Information Systems/Science

This is a library resource guide for GIS.There are several departments on campus which use GIS. They include but are not limited to Geography, Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, History, Biological Sciences and Economics.


This page highlights ArcGIS and other GIS software you can buy. If you are looking for Open Source software, click here.

Getting ArcGIS Software

The College has a site license for all levels of ArcGIS from Esri. The software only runs on a PC with Windows. There are several options available for getting the software. Use of the software is limited to current students, staff and faculty at Dartmouth College installing ArcGIS software on college computers. To get access to the software, send an email to the Evans Map Room.They will send you an invitation to join Dartmouth's MyEsri site. Once you accept the invitation, you will be able to download and install the software. Once installed, the software will ask you for the location of the license manager. Email the map room again and they will send you that address or an authorization file.

With our site license for ArcGIS, we have access to a variety of online tutorials and workshops which can help you better use the software. There is a Training tab in your MyEsri account.

For more information, please email the Evans Map Room in Baker-Berry Library.

Once you have downloaded the software, here are some instructions for installing it.

ArcMap is sunsetting (going away) in 2026. Considering transitioning to ArcGIS Pro now to become more comfortable with the Pro version.

Downloading Esri software

As an update to the video above, the latest version available of the Desktop software is 10.6.x.

Other GIS Software

There are other GIS software available for purchase. You may have used or know one of the items in the list below or another GIS software title.

    MapLand is an add-on to MS Excel. This add-on allow you to map data held in a spreadsheet. It is not a GIS, but a mapping software.