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Geographic Information Systems/Science

This is a library resource guide for GIS.There are several departments on campus which use GIS. They include but are not limited to Geography, Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, History, Biological Sciences and Economics.


A geographical analysis which seeks to explain patterns of human behaviour and their spatial expression in terms of mathematics and geometry

See also geocomputation.

Mayhew, S. (2015). Spatial analysis. In A Dictionary of Geography. Oxford University Press. Retrieved 3 May. 2023

In the Library's collection

Spatial analysis as a subject term is not used in the online catalog. Instead, spatial analysis (statistics) is used. The term "statistics" is used to qualify or narrow the scope of the term. From the online catalog, you will find a over 70 resources that have to do with spatial analysis (statistics). Some of these volumes are more technical in nature and concentrate more on the mathematics involved in spatial analysis.

Most of these books are located in G 70.2 through G 70.4 in the Berry Level 4.

The following are just some of the books in the Library's collection.

Introductory reading(s)

These books include several articles on Spatial Analysis.

Selected book title(s)

Finding articles & journal titles

Below are resources where you can find articles about spatial analysis. I've included a journal dedicated to applied spatial analysis. You can also use the search box at the top of the page.