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Environmental Studies: Laws, Legislation, & Treaties

Start conducting research in environmental studies with the best indexes, databases, and reference works recommend by the subject librarian.

Climate Change Treaties

Links to sources about current climate change treaties, and the climate change debate:

Sources for legal aspects of environmental issues

ProQuest Congressional  is a good source for information about frederal legislative actions regarding environmental issues.

The box below is from the History Subject Guide and has many more sources of legal informaiton, from cases to law review articles.

Legal resources


Provides full text coverage of:

* Encyclopedias and Law Reviews
* Federal and State Cases
* United States Code Annotated
* Code of Federal Regulations
* Federal Register (since 1980)
* State Statutes
* European Union Law

LexisNexis Academic UNIVerse 

The "Legal Research" section of LN Academic contains the full text of:

* Law Review articles
* Federal and State case law
* U.S. Federal Code of Regulations
* State Regulations
* Tax Law
* Canada Federal Legislation (including Consolidated Statutes & Consolidated Regulations)
* Statutes and Regulations of Canada, Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario
* European Union law
* Commonwealth and Foreign Nations Case Law, digests, report, treaties and international agreements including Canada, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, GATT, Hong Kong, UK, South Africa.

Hein Online 

* Law Review Library.   

Hein Online contains an extensive list of law reviews. Key features are content from Vol. 1 to latest, or next-to-latest volume; inclusion of many older, ceased titles from the 19th and early 20th century; inclusion of some foreign law reviews.

* Federal Register Library
* U.S. Presidential Library

A large number of treatises, commentaries and histories, most  published in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Index to Legal Periodicals
Baker Berry K9 (Catalog Record)

Coverage of the legal literature from 1926-1993; retrieves bibliographic citations, not full text.