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Physical Geography

This guide highlights the library and internet resources for Physical Geography.

Keeping up with the journal literature

Biogeography is the study of the distribution of life forms, past and present, and the causes of such distributions. It includes the application of biochemical techniques for genetic analysis and application the large-scale analysis, incorporating remote sensing, of biogeographical patterns; studying and modelling ecosystem dynamics and metapopulation dynamics; poblems of speciation and genotypic variation; and the analysis and daing of the palaeo-biogeographical record. Biogeographers may also be concerned with environment-related food and health issues.

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In the Library's Collections

Most of the works on Biogeography are located in the Dana Biomedical Library or the Library Depository. Verify the location of specific, print resources.

Call number ranges: QH 84 through QH 198. Suggested subject headings are listed below.

Introductory reading(s)

Selected book titles

Journal articles & titles

Articles and other writings about Biogeography can be found in many publications. Our collection includes several journals which look at Biogeography exclusively. To find them, you can do the following subject search in the online catalog : "biogeography periodicals." Below are a couple of the journal titles we have in our Library's collection. You can search journals individually, use an article index such as Web of Science or the search box at the top of the page.