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Physical Geography

This guide highlights the library and internet resources for Physical Geography.

Defining Oceanography

Oceanography is the study of the oceans. This covers the shape, depth, and distribution of oceans, their composition, life forms, ecology, and water currents, and their legal status. A. P. Trujillo and H. V. Thurman ( 2007 ) provide a good general introduction.
Mayhew, S. (2015). "Oceanography." In A Dictionary of Geography. Oxford University Press. Retrieved 23 Mar. 2017

In the Library's Collections

Most of the works on Oceanography are located in the Kresge Physical Sciences Library.

Call number ranges: GC 1 through GC 1581.

                               QH 91 through QH 95.9

Suggested subject headings are listed below.

Introductory reading(s)

Selected book titles

Journal titles & articles

Articles and other writings about Oceanography can be found in many publications. Our collection includes several journals which look at Oceanography exclusively. To find them, do the following subject search in the online catalog : "oceanography periodicals." Below is a short list of some of the journal titles we have in our Library's collection. You can search journals individually or use the search box at the top of the page.

Internet resource(s)