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Web Mapping

This guide highlights library and internet resources that allow you to create maps online.

In the Library's collection

Books about Google™ Earth are scattered throughout the collection. Check the call numbers in the online catalog to see where a book is shelved.

Relevant subject headings to use in the online catalog:

Introductory reading(s)

All about Google Earth from Wikipedia.

Where do I get the software?

Google Earth™ software is available for download here.

If you are interested in using Google Earth Pro, it is now free to download.

Help with Google Earth?

Need help with Google Earth™, click here.

Google Earth vs. Google Earth Pro

Selected book titles

Data for Viewing in Google Earth

From Free Government Information (FGI), these are sites that let you download a file and see the results in Google Earth. For more sites, click here. Also check various government GIS sites. They are creating KMZ files from their data for use in Google Earth.