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Web Mapping

This guide highlights library and internet resources that allow you to create maps online.

ArcGIS StoryMaps

ArcGIS StoryMaps is a story authoring web-based application on the ArcGIS platform that enables you to share your maps in the context of narrative text and other multimedia content. You can use ArcGIS StoryMaps to do the following:

  • Create stories with the story builder. Stories can include maps, narrative text, lists, images, videos, embedded items, and other media.
  • Publish and share your stories. Published stories each have their own link, and you can use these links to share your stories within your organization or with everyone.
  • Manage your stories. View and edit your stories from the My Stories page, and find stories authored by others in your organization and add stories to your favorites list.

[Source: What is ArcGIS StoryMaps?, 09/27/2019]

Alternative to ArcGIS StoryMaps