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Library Reserves

Submit Your List to Library Staff

If the status of an item is Being Prepared, it has not been sent to the library, and library staff will not do any work on it.

  • To submit your list to the Library for processing, click the SEND TO LIBRARY button at the top of the list.
  • Library staff will work through the list and alert you when materials are ready, or if there are questions about any of the materials.

  • Recommended: Save a copy for yourself of the list submitted to the library. Click the top ellipsis and select Print.

Item Additions After Initial Submission

When the SEND TO LIBRARY button is clicked, the button label changes to LIST SENT. If more materials are added to the list, the button renames back to SEND TO LIBRARY automatically.


Click SEND TO LIBRARY button to submit the additional requests to the library.  Alternatively, you may submit individual titles via the ellipsis icon's drop menu to the right of each item.



Student access to reading list

Reading lists become available to enrolled students from the left-hand Library Reserves/Guides menu as soon as the Canvas course site is published.

Since the reading list is embedded in your Canvas course, please consider that many items on the list may need to be limited only to instructors and students who are associated with the class. Copyright considerations change if a list is available to the public.