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Maps & Atlases

This subject guide looks at finding different maps and atlases throughout our collections. This is not an exhaustive list, but the guide does list various examples of resources within each section.


A quick way to find atlases on different subjects or places is to do a keyword search for atlas and your other terms. For instance, you want to see if there is an atlas about women. You can do a keyword search for "atlas and women."

Another way to find atlases for different places is to do a subject search. For example, if you wanted an atlas for Hawaii, you could do the following subject search "hawaii maps." That search lists atlases and maps that cover Hawaii. You can do the same type of search for any state in the Union or any country. We don't guarantee that we have any atlas for every country!

Finding subject atlases

Below are some of the call number ranges for subject atlases. These atlases can also be with shelved throughout the collection.


Call Number Range Subject
G1028 Cities of the World
G1029 Islands of the World
G1030 - G1038 Historical atlases of the world
G1046 Other Subject Atlases

More atlas titles

Selected atlas titles

Atlases on the internet