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Maps & Atlases

This subject guide looks at finding different maps and atlases throughout our collections. This is not an exhaustive list, but the guide does list various examples of resources within each section.

General World Atlases

Below are some of the subject headings used in the online catalog for general atlases. The subject heading atlases will retrieve any general world atlas. The subject heading atlases, [nationality] will retrieve a general world atlas published in that country. Therefore, the heading atlases, canadian will retrieve world atlases published in Canada. The atlases may emphasize Canadian information, but they are still world atlases.


Subject headings
atlases atlases, american
atlases, german atlases bibliography
atlases, canadian atlases, swedish
atlases history  


Below are some of the call number ranges for general world atlases. The call number distinguishes the atlases' year of publication. New atlases published this year have a call number of G1021. Atlases published in 1900 have a call number of G1019.


Call Number Range Subject
G1001 - G1021 Atlases by period
G1001 published before 1570
G1005 Ptolemy
G1006 G1015 published between 1570 - 1800
G1019 published between 1801 - 1975
G1021 published 1976 and after

Digital atlases

Selected atlas title(s)