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Polar Studies: Overview

A guide to the library's resources to support learning and research for the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Introduction to Polar Studies at Dartmouth

Why Polar Studies at Dartmouth? That question can be answered in part by a passage from these points from the Institute of Arctic Studies's web site.

  • Environmental Studies Program which bring people with disparate backgrounds in the sciences together for problem solving
  • Native American Studies Program includes students and researchers with knowledge of the peoples of the northern communities
  • Proximity to the U.S. Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab
  • Thayer School of Engineering's strong ice research program
  • The excellent library left by the Program's founder, Vilhjalmur Stefansson
  • A strong sense of place in Northern New England

Library Collections for Polar Studies

Library research collections at Dartmouth College range from the latest scientific journal articles to the historical photographs, diaries, and manuscripts that are part of the Stefansson Special Collection on Polar Exploration.  Library research resources include the tools listed in this guide under "Finding articles and journals", the Catalog and the Finding Aids for the Stefansson collection. 

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