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Polar Studies: Overview

A guide to the library's resources to support learning and research for the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Introduction to Polar Studies at Dartmouth

Why Polar Studies at Dartmouth?

The Institute of Arctic Studies (IAS) at the Dickey Center is Dartmouth's crossroads for multidisciplinary Arctic scholarship and global policy dialogs that center inclusion, justice, equity, and Indigenous Knowledge in solutions to Arctic and global challenges.

Since its founding in 1989, the Institute of Arctic Studies has prioritized an holistic approach to scholarship and policy, recognizing the connected environmental, cultural, and political dimensions of the North and the immediate impacts of rapid climate change.  IAS offers undergraduate and graduate students guidance on a diversity of educational and research opportunities as well as access to policy seminars and public events.

[Source: IAS, 03/29/2022]

Library Collections for Polar Studies

Library research collections at Dartmouth College range from the latest scientific journal articles to the historical photographs, diaries, and manuscripts that are part of the Stefansson Special Collection on Polar Exploration.  Library research resources include the tools listed in this guide under "Finding articles and journals", the Library Catalog and the Finding Aid for the Stefansson collection. 

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