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Research Data Management

Background and links to more information about data management issues.

Workshops Materials by Research Data Services

Research Data Services supports teaching and learning at Dartmouth by offering workshops on a variety of topics related to all kinds of computational research. These workshops are created as part of the recurring Reproducible Research series, but can also be customized or specifically designed for a particular audience. If you are interested in requesting a workshop on a computational topic of interest to your class, lab, or or group feel free to reach out!

We also offer all of our workshop materials online to support self-directed learning by anyone interested in the covered topics. The materials are designed with this purpose in mind and can be consumed without prior attendance of the corresponding workshop session. You can find our repository of materials here:

There are two ways how you can interact with these materials:

  1. Using Dartmouth's JupyterHub to run the Reproducible Research workshops without any additional setup.
  2. Downloading the materials for any of our workshops to run them on your own computer