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Research Data Management

Background and links to more information about data management issues.


Instructions: Opening JupyterHub and Getting Started

1. Open in a browser.

2. Choose "Reproducible Research Workshops"

3. Select "Start My Server." It may take a few minutes to load. Once open, your JHub page should look something like this (if you've opened it before, however, you may already have a notebook or other files open):

4. Use the screenshot below to find the root folder of your JHub directory:

5. You should then navigate to your workshop folder. For the Text Analysis in Python series, for example, you will want to go to the following directory: RR-workshops/text-analysis/text-analysis-with-python to find workshop materials. To get started with the Week 1 ("Strings and Files") workbook you will want to also open the strings-and-files folder